• Company Profile
Vital Biologicals, is a trading firm, registered in 1999. We are engaged in import and supply, of various biological products, bio-chemicals and Molecular Biology products to the Biotech/Pharmaceutical Industry and various Research organisations across India.

We are a team of all technically sound people in the field of Biotechnology , Microbiology and Life sciences.
  • The company started its operations as Distributor for MOREGATE BIOTECH products. MOREGATE BIOTECH manufactures Premium Quality Animal Sera, Protein & Plasma by- products, sourced from Australia and New Zealand.
To fulfil the growing needs of our customers, Vital Biologicals added Distributorships for
  • Cell culture media for Animal cell culture from MEDIATECH INC, USA .(CELLGRO).
  • Protein Extraction and purification kits from IBA GmbH, Germany.
  • Animal-free Recombinant Human Serum Albumin(OsrHSA) from Healthgen Biotechnology Co.Ltd. China.
Vital Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd is a trading company and from April 2011, Vital Biologicals is working as Vital Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd.