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Healthgen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is developing, manufacturing and marketing a series of environmental friendly and safe products by using the State-of-the-Art platform of OryzExpress, which includes the highly expressing proteins or small peptides in cereal crop endosperm.

Our main product, Animal-free Recombinant Human Serum Albumin(OsrHSA), is a transgene plant-derived protein using the animal-free efficient OryzExpression system.

OsrHSA (Recombinant Human Serum Albumin)

OsrHSA is a recombinant human serum albumin produced in Oryza sativa (rice). It possesses the same biophysical properties and amino acid sequence as the plasma-derived HSA (pHSA). OsrHSA is a widely used supplement of cell culture media which promotes cell growth and increases recombinant protein yield.


Improved safety
OsrHSA is totally animal-free, eliminate the contamination risk with viruses and other infectious agents.

Low cost
OsrHSA is derived from transgenic rice which could be mass planted, and perform as good as or better than plasma-derived human serum albumin in promoting cell growth;

Greater consistency
OsrHSA is a plant-derived product and because of its less genetic variation than native HSA, it is well suited for serum-reduced, serum-free or chemically- designed media.


OsrHSA is extensive applicable to cell culture, vaccine manufacturing, antibody / diagnostic development and life science research.

OsrHSA should not be used as drugs.

Healthgen Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

  • Manufacture by our unique OryzExpress Platform
  • Manufacture with our individual patent
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified company
  • Comply with the GMP requirement
  • QA / QC follow the SOPs of production line and quality control

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