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At Mediatech, Inc. quality is not just a commodity it is our commitment! Mediatech manufactures and supplies cell culture and molecular biology reagents to biopharmaceutical, academic and government research facilities as well as biotechnology companies. This diverse portfolio includes cell culture media, basal salt solutions, antibiotics, sera, specialty media and flexible packaging systems.

  1. Classical Media

    MEM/ Improved MEM,
    DMEM/ modified DMEM,
    BME, CMRL 1066, DMEM, DMEM/ Ham’S F-12 50/50 Mix, F-12K Nutrient Mixture (Kaighn’s Modification),
    Ham’s F-10, F-12 Medium,
    Medium 199, RPMI 1640 and more …..
  2. Serum Free & Speciality Media

    For Hybridoma, CHO,
    Insect cell lines, VERO,
    BHK-21, MDBK, MDCK,
    Human T-lymphoma cell lines (H-9 and MT-2) and
    Primary chicken fibroblast and Many other suspension and adherent cell cultures.

Salt Solutions

PBS, Dulbecco's PBS, Hank's balanced salt solution etc.

Antibiotics, Supplements And Reagents, Dissociation Products


Mediatech, Inc. makers of cellgro®

  • Minimum Endotoxin levels
  • Follows the current cGMP.
  • Complies with FDA Guidelines (21 CFR part 820) for Class I Medical devices.
  • ISO13485: 2003 certified company.
  • Consistent, high quality products.

For more details visit:www.cellgro.com

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